Per Eilif is a proud farmer and is taking care of the farm operations in addition to his role as host. He took over the farm from his parents, Christian and Synnøve, in 1989. By his side, a host with care and consideration for guests and visitors, is Vigdis – nurse by profession. She takes a particular interest in food culture and dissemination – and performs her duty as a houswife with a Feinschmecker’s touch. Per Eilif and Vigdis consider themselves as stewards over owners – all their work is done with a perspective of preserving the cultural heritage for the next generations and for the public.


Everyone is in need of good helpers from time to time. At Hoel Gård we have the older and younger generation Sandberg. Christian Fredrik, representing the latter, has a degree in agriculture and tourism and will eventually be running the business. Our loyal employee is in charge of daily farm operations, not to mention our diligent part-time employees who are working with all kinds of events.