Events and happenings

We welcome private groups, business groups, associations and groups from the cultural sector. We tailor-make programs according to your needs and number of people.

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Cooperate guests

At Hoel Gård you are guaranteed to offer your connections some of the best that our county Hedmark has to offer. For your foreign connections, we offer a little taste of Norway.

We arrange business dinners or business lunches for 6 – 130 guests. In “Anden Etage” we may set the table for an additional 60 people. On special occasions, we set up a large party tent in the garden, suitable to accommodate up to 260 people for dining.

The Great Hall is a venue suitable for 40 conference guests. For  lectures, we welcome groups of up to 65 people. We offer accommodation facilities for 68 guests, we have 36 rooms. All with separate bathrooms. We arrange annual meetings, shareholders meetings, anniversaries, Christmas parties, summer parties,  kick offs etc. Please contact us for an offer.

Individual guests

Hoel Farm is a wonderful venue for celebrating life’s grand/major events; weddings, anneversaries and jubelees throughout the whole year. Wheter you would like an intimate arrangement with 10 guests or prefer a bigger arrangement for 130 guests, we can offer functional facilities. We can arrange happenings for your friends such as dinner, lunch, summer party, new year party, cultural evenings, wine tasting, etc. Please contact us for an offer. (For Friday-, Saturday- and Sunday-events, we require a minimum number of guests.)

Our garden and park facilities are popular for outdoor weddings in the summer season. In the «Great Hall» of the main building, we arrange atmospheric weddings throughout the year.

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Association groups / bus tourists

Hoel Farm is a wonderful setting for annual meetings, general meetings and seminars. In the «Great Hall», we offer conference facilities for 40 guests. For lectures, it is suitable for up to 65 people. On the ground floor in the farm museum, we can set the table for approximately 130 guests and for additionally 60 people in “Anden Etage”. The dining room in the main building, offers an intimate atmosphere and are suitable for 6-16 people.

Suggested plan for a day trip; The owner welcomes you in the garden and gives you a short brief on the unique history of the farm and the current farming. Tour of the main building. Serving of 2-course lunch or dinner in the farm museum. Coffee. Duration: 1.5-2 hours.

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Cultural events

The «Great Hall» of the main building, has served as a venue to chamber concerts, smaller plays and ballroom dancing. At concerts, the «Great Hall» can an audience audience of 95 people. The dining room in the main building and “Anden Etage” are both provided with a tuned grand piano. One of the smaller livingrooms has a piano and are suitable for smaller, intimate concerts.

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